HARROP supercar performance packagesPASSION. PERFORMANCE. ENHANCED

For the ultimate enhancement for your VE or FG have you considered a Harrop Supercar Package?

Through our trusted Dealer network we can work with you to take your ride from ordinary to extraordinary just like our entries in the 2010 Motor Magazine Hot Tuner Shootout.

Our range of performance products are trusted by many for the design and manufacturing quality we have built over the last 55 years. Harrop has a variety of Supercharger, Brake, Differential & Cooling options to suit your specific needs, creating a personalised Supercar guaranteed to impress.


At the heart of the Harrop supercar package is the Supercharger, engineered for durable performance with power increases of over 40% in most installations. With a variety of kit configurations available and each featuring Eaton 6th generation TVS™ technology as utilized in OEM applications for Audi, Corvette, Cadillac, FPV and Lotus you can be assured you are getting only the best in quality and technology. Characterised by instantaneous torque right of the bottom the rev range these kits are ideally suited to daily drives through to extreme track focused vehicles.


Proven performers in the Hot Tuner Challenge with 100 Km/hr-0 distances better than most European exotics with triple the price tag, our Ultimate brake kit is a must for the complete supercar package.


Harrop Short Shifter Kits reduce the throw between shifts by approximately 30% and provide a more precise action. Reducing shift time reduces acceleration time and lap times for those enthusiasts who like to attack the track.


Motor 2010 Hot Tuner shootoutEngine oil temperatures need to be kept under control to maximise engine performance. The light weight aluminium design capable of withstanding pressures of 150 PSI has been specifically designed to do this. The Setrab coolers have been used by race teams all over the world along with high performance vehicles since the 1970's. Higher than standard outputs achieved with our Supercar package created the need so we developed a kit that makes the installation of the cooler simple and easy to fit for both track and street use.


With a big power increase the standard LSD will not stand up to the increased torque and stress generated as it is transferred through the tyres. You need a strong rear to get the power to the ground, the Harrop Truetrac™ transforms the power deliver and handling characteristics with its helical torque biasing gears providing the strength and durability your supercar requires.


We encourage you to consider the performance gains our Supercar Packages provide compared to local and imported vehicle alternatives.Ultimately the results speak for themselves.

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