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Posted on 26th May 2017 at 11:17am

The new TVS900 Supercharger Kit is the result of an exhaustive research and development process aimed at delivering an affordable solution for R53 Mini Cooper S owners who are seeking greater performance or a direct replacement for the factory fitted M45 Supercharger.

The TVS900 Supercharger Kit utilises the latest Eaton TVS supercharger technology and provides superior performance when compared to the smaller, 5th generation M45 supercharger factory fitted to the R53 Mini. A significant benefit of TVS technology is the transition to four lobe rotors providing a 160 degree helix, as well as revised inlet and outlet port geometry to achieve greater thermal and volumetric efficiency. Being a larger displacement than the M45 unit, the TVS900 also provides higher performance potential for modified engine packages.

Through extensive packaging analysis, the Harrop TVS900 Supercharger is of OE appearance and mounts in the factory M45 supercharger position using the factory 6PK belt path and tensioner. Along with the Harrop manufactured Supercharger housing, the kit comes complete with a cast aluminium throttle body adapter, billet outlet adapter and heater hose adapter, replacement electric water pump and all ancillary items to suit stock and aftermarket top mount intercoolers, ensuring this is a complete bolt-on kit.

Key Features:

·         Eaton / Harrop TVS900

·         Featuring the latest Eaton TVS Technology

·         Direct replacement for factory fitted Eaton M45 Supercharger unit

·         Mounts in OEM position using standard belt route

·         Standard kit comes with 70mm pulley, minimum pulley size is 55mm·          

·         Designed and Manufactured by Harrop

·         OE Appearance and engine integration


All testing and validation of the TVS900 Supercharger kit was completed in-house on a DynaPack dynamometer. Power and torque results and a comparison table between M45 and TVS900 equipped stock Mini Cooper and a highly modified track application can be found in the video below.


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