Published on the 26th, May 2015

Harrop Engineering is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive program involving the design and procurement of our own range of USA billet based camshafts and valve-train components.

The new camshaft range is a Harrop Engineering exclusive, utilising the experience gained during 60+ years of involvement at the leading edge of automotive performance upgrades, with grind designs specific to the LS range of engines as fitted to many VT to VF model Commodore and HSV models.

Harrop Engineering’s Camshaft program kicks off with 6 custom profiles designed to suit a range of applications, whether auto, manual, N/A or supercharged, noting that new grinds will be added in the coming months. All Harrop camshaft grinds can be used in retro-fit applications where the LS engine is transplanted into any number of other makes and models.

Leigh Conlan, Performance Centre Manager at Harrop Engineering explains that, “The LS family has such broad appeal from traditional Holden muscle through to Drift and 4x4 engine swaps and will continue to be the go to V8 for reliable and compact high horsepower powertrains. With proven upgrade pathways to unleash the full potential of this engine, our range of specifically chosen cam grind profiles provide a great amount of flexibility to achieve the best result in performance and driveability for the customer.”

Coinciding with the camshaft launch, Harrop has also invested in a range of high quality American manufactured valve-train components, enabling workshops and consumers to equip their engines with anything from a simple camshaft swap to a full blown package; incorporating necessary items such as push rods, valve springs, timing chains and more.

“We are very excited to launch this program which complements our existing Harrop engineered and manufactured product range” said Heath Moore, General Manager of Harrop Engineering, “providing our customers with market leading solutions and a ‘one stop shop’ for all valve-train components.”

The Harrop Camshaft Kit can be purchased from Harrop directly through the online store at www.harrop.com.au. Installation is also available at Harrop Performance Centre or through Harrop’s Australia wide reseller network.  If you have any further questions please contact Harrop Engineering directly on (03) 9474 0900 or sales@harrop.com.au




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