Published on the 30th, July 2015

“Why all the fuss about tuning?” Is a question often asked to our Harrop Performance Centre Manager Leigh Conlan. Engine tuning refers to the precise calibration of the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to yield optimal performance, increasing an engine’s power output, torque and drivability.

Enhancing the performance of a vehicle is an investment, like all investments you want to take care of them and get the most in return. Engine tuning has that same notion; it is about maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your vehicle and its modifications.

It’s for this reason Harrop Performance Centre has installed a hub dyne cell. Leigh explains how the hub dyne cell helps discover the full potential of our customer cars.

“What many people don’t understand is that making any engine related performance modification to a vehicle, will in some way affect the engine characteristics. This is why a vehicles engine calibration must be checked and adjusted accordingly to achieve optimum results in power, torque, economy and overall drivability following these upgrades. 
To achieve these results effectively, this must be carried out on a chassis dyne in a controlled environment. This is performed in our purpose built, state of the art dyne cell in Harrop Performance Centre. This cell houses our Dynapack Hub Dynamometer which is an effective tool to measure gains precisely with repeatable results. The advantage of being able to remove the wheels of a vehicle and drive directly from the hubs eliminates negative factors such as wheel spin, tyre flex, vehicle strapping and inertia, as seen with rolling roads which can greatly impact results measured. It must also be noted that 100% of ECU tuning cannot be carried out on a dyne alone, but must also be checked and adjusted on road or track where applicable. “

The team at Harrop Performance Centre provide the highest quality tuning & fitment solutions at our state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne. If you would like to know more about Harrop Performance Centre or engine tuning, contact our HPC team directly on Ph:1300-HARROP or performancecentre@harrop.com.au 




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