Published on the 4th, November 2015

As part of our relentless drive for continuous improvement, we are pleased to report a series of enhancements to our FDFI Supercharger range for LS3/7 engine platforms that have achieved a significant reduction in inlet air temperatures.

The upgrades are not only limited to changes to the intercooler core configuration but also how they are packaged in the manifold. Greater thermal efficiency from the intercooler cores combined with improved coolant flow, sealing within the manifold and introduction of OEM insulator gaskets.

Through extensive in-house and external Harrop dealer testing we have seen a significant reduction in inlet air temperatures across all FDFI supercharger installations both on standard engines and built engines as demonstrated in Luke’s incredible 403 stroker build running FDFI2300 producing 13 psi to achieve 710 rwhp / 530 rwkw, 1150 nm of Torque

Here are two testimonials from leaders in LS upgrades and tuning in Australia

“I having been using Harrop products for years now and their attention to detail with their supercharger kits is second to none, including kit contents, tune ability and overall finish. The latest improvements to their FDFI Supercharger units really take it to the next level of efficiency providing sustained cooler intake air temps with a significant reduction in temperature increase over a ramp run”.

Josh ‘Rocky’ Romeo | Harrop Performance WA |Young’s Holden


“As a leader in Supercharger fitment, TEKNO Performance was asked to independently test the latest Harrop FDFI2300 which housed a new design of internal intercooler cores. Fitted to a LS3 with camshaft, ported heads and making 643 hp atw, we were very surprised to see an average of only 8 degrees increase in inlet air temperatures from start of the power run to the finish. Even after multiple consecutive power runs, inlet air temperatures never exceeded 27 degrees over ambient temperature. With this minimal increase in temperature and a much faster recovery rate, this updated design is destined to be the new benchmark in Supercharger systems for the LS engines”.

Greg Markham | Tekno Performance

For more information on our latest FDFI supercharger enhancements or to make an enquiry, please contact our team directly on 1300 HARROP or sales@harrop.com.au




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