Published on the 12th, August 2016

Harrop Engineering is proud to offer the Patrol Steering Damper, utilising FOX Performance Series Adjustable through Shaft (ATS) technology. Most off-road enthusiasts have heard of a Steering Damper but might not be aware of the exact benefits they’ll receive if they decided to fit one. 

We’ve put together a list of the top advantages of fitting a Steering Damper to help you determine whether fitting one is the right move for you.

1.       Superior Ride Control and Comfort

Most off-road enthusiasts experience unwanted steering forces and vibrations out on the track, sometimes making for a rougher and shakier trip than necessary. The technologically advanced Steering Damper design combats against unwanted steering forces, creating a superior, more comfortable ride both on and off road.

2.       Reduces the load on your steering components

By making the front end of your vehicle more rigid, your vehicles steering components are better protected against damage caused by fierce jolting seen when tackling harsh and jagged terrain.

3.       Counters oversized (non-oem) off-road tyres

Larger tyres are one of the first aftermarket mods most keen off-roaders invest in, straight away increasing the vehicles clearance and offering more traction off road. There is a payoff to fitting larger tyres as the front-end of a vehicle can often be left wandering and seek out traction in all directions. A Steering Damper can effectively counter against these forces and stabilise ride control.

4.       Fine tune the feel (24 clicks of adjustability)

The unique design of the Patrol Steering Damper features 24 clicks of external adjustment to fine tune the ride feel, allowing you to easily adjust the ride stiffness to suit a 4wd trip and soften it for the trip back.

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