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New 4x4 diff cover range safeguards vital driveline componentsHarrop engineering is excited to announce the release of our first range of 4x4 diff covers. With enthusiasts demanding better protection of their vital 4x4 driveline components, we have developed the strongest diff cover on the marke ... Read More.


At Harrop we recognise great people are the essence of any great company, that’s why at our most recent all staff BBQ, we celebrated some remarkable milestones. The BBQ was delicious; but we had gathered to celebrate much more than great food. As not just one member of the Harrop team reached a ... Read More.


Ferrari 458 Forgeline GA1R Track Wheels

Ferrari 458 Forgeline GA1R Track Wheel and Tyre Package. Forgeline GA1R - Open Lug Specifications: F: 245 / 19" R: 315 / 20" Ferrari 458 Speciale F: 245 / 20" R: 305 / 20" Ferrari 458 Standard F: 235 / 20" R: 295 / 20" GAIR -

Harrop Performance Drive Day - Winton Motor Raceway 2014

Harrop was excited to invite customers to our exclusive 2014 Performance Drive Day. Located at the iconic Winton Motor Raceway located 2.5 hours from Melbourne, Winton was the perfect track to hone driver skills in a controlled environment. We had five profess...

How a Supercharger is made - Harrop Engineering

Harrop Engineering overview of the design and manufacturing processes for their Supercharger range. From design concept, through tooling manufacture and component assembly, learn how applications for the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturers are pro...

500KW Harrop Supercharged Gen-F HSV

500KW Harrop Supercharged HSV Gen-F R8 track testing with our: FDFI2300 Supercharger with Modular OTR Cold Air Intake Truetrac Diff 'Carbon Series' 3" Bi-Modal VX3C Forgeline Wheels Ultimate Brake Kit Short Shifter Kit KW by Harrop Coilovers Website: http:/...




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