Holden Single Plane Manifold

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The Harrop Single Plane manifold has been developed using years of racing experience to deliver the performance enthusiast with a quality enhancement product.

It is the perfect performance manifold for any Holden vehicle fitted with legendary Holden V8 engine and late model heads, suitable for both competition purposes as well as those who want maximum performance from their engines at higher RPM, it is designed for an optimum operating range of 3500 to 7000 rpm.

If maximum performance is what you need, then this is the manifold for you.

We are now offering our Single Plane and Dual Plane manifolds in two durable finishes - Ceramic Coated Polished or Black. Ceramic coating is a tougher and more durable finish than conventional paint and reduces heat transfer whilst offering two unique finishes for your engine bay.

Engine Applications: Holden cast iron V8 with late model EFI heads.


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