BMW S65 V8 Rod Bearings

Product Code: 65-VAC-HPRBS-S65

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VAC S65 bearings are embraced by BMW engine builders world wide. Popular for both forced induction and N/A builds, our coated bearings are "friction resistant" making thermal breakdowns that can occur due to lack of lubrication a much less common occurrence. Helping to prevent premature engine failures on street cars, and spun bearings under stress at the track when things are most critical. 

 S65s experience rod bearing wear on both street and track cars, normal street engine use is leading to bearing failure at a much higher rate that expected. Our bearings are not only made with great precision and repeatability, but their coating is widely praised as one of the best upgrades on the market. Its a physical layer (not just a treatment to the layer) with both a high embedability factor, and a 'dry lubricant' property. What makes them so good is that they can run tolerances that BMW engines like and not see the typical failures that one associates with the OEM units. Unlike treated bearings that must be sized very close to OEM for proper results- these bearings have the ability to run well on both sides of engine tolerance and work fantastically for cold starts that street engines see, and race engines as well. All VAC engines are built with our coated bearings and we know they work great.


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