CAI System | Ford Mustang GT

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The Harrop Cold Air Induction (CAI) system features a large diameter free-flowing intake path to ensure maximum performance from your Mustang.

Our kit has a large surface area pod style air filter to assist in minimising the restriction of airflow and is contained in a fabricated housing which seals against the underside of the bonnet of the vehicle to reduce the intake of hot air from inside the engine bay.

For optimal results Harrop recommends every vehicle fitted with a CAI kit should undergo ECU re-calibration, this will ensure the maximum performance gains and driveability characteristics are achieved.

Key Features

  • Designed for easy installation and superior sealing capabilities
  • Large filtration area utilizing purpose made pod style air filter

 Vehicle Applications: Ford Mustang GT (2015-2017) and Ford Mustang GT (2018+)


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