DW300 Pump

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Deatschwerks pioneered fuel injector application specific fitment. That experience has been applied to the DW line of fuel pumps.Fuel pumps are not a one-size-fits-all type of product. Proper fuel delivery to your engine involves combining the right fitment and the right flow. This is why the DW fuel pump line is built to cover 7 different dimensional formats each having different fluid connections, electrical connections, diameters, and lengths.

A fuel injected internal combustion engine is a dynamic system. Fuel flow requirements vary greatly by rpm and load. However, one law remains universal: forced induction applications require more flow at higher pressures. Knowing this fact, DW has engineered their fuel pumps to maximise flow at higher pressures. By designing the armature for torque bias, delaying pressure relief activation, and maximising impeller efficiency, DW has created a line of pumps with an extremely flat flow curve. Higher flow at higher pressure delivers the fuel your engine demands.

The DW300 series in-tank pump flows at 340lph at 40psi and is a popular choice wherever the highest flowing standard fitment in-tank pump is needed. Quiet operation and pulse width modulation compatibility are delivered via the turbine impeller and computer balanced armature.

This pump is designed to be universal that will fit most in tank fuel applications.

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