Forgeline CF1R Beadlock

Product Code: CF1R Beadlock

After more than 25 years of producing the most highly regarded and technically advanced wheels for professional road racing applications, Forgeline has directed our experience and capability toward the drag racing industry and developed the all-forged CF1R Beadlock wheel.

Unlike most traditional drag racing wheels, Forgeline’s forged monoblock single beadlock CF1R Beadlock wheel is carved entirely in one piece from a single forging of 6061-T6 aluminum using an advanced precision machining process. This forged monoblock technology has proven successful, for many years, at the highest levels of road racing, and Forgeline is excited to apply it to beadlock wheels for straight line racing applications.

The CF1R Beadlock wheel is very similar to our track-proven CF1 Open Lug road racing wheel with one big exception: It has been re-engineered to include a special bolt-on outboard beadlock ring that, like the wheel itself, is also precision-machined from forged 6061-T6 aluminum. This forged aluminum ring holds the tire securely in place, to limit unwanted tire slip against the wheel, and to keep the tire from unseating, at very high speeds. The forged beadlock ring is secured to the wheel with a series of 21 standard lightweight titanium bolts.

• One Piece Monoblock Design with NO Welding or Assembly Bolts

• Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum

• Machined to Close Tolerances to be Smooth and Vibration-Free

• Custom Made-to-Order for Each Individual Customer and Each Unique Vehicle Application

• Exceptional Deflection & Structural Stiffness

• Generous Brake Clearance

• Custom Finish Options (You can mix and match ring and wheel colors.)

• 100% manufactured in the USA






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