Forgeline OE1

Product Code: OE1

The OE1 wheel is the embodiment of ‘old school cool’ with a modern twist. Designed in collaboration with Roadster Shop, the Forgeline OE1 offers a wheel setup that retains a vintage look while adding the performance and safety benefits of a larger wheel and tire combination. Unlike other large diameter vintage ‘steelie’ style wheels on the market, the OE1 has been carefully designed to retain a proportional look, taking into account the cap and outer hoop scale, to ensure the larger diameter wheel looks ‘correct’ on your vehicle. The vintage look continues with specially machined centers that allow the use of original 10.5″ style center caps without the need for fasteners or adhesives.

  • 3-Piece Heritage Series Wheel
  • Designed in Collaboration with Roadster Shop
  • Uniquely-Designed Centers to Maintain Correct Proportions for an OE Appearance
  • Directly Accepts Factory 10.5-inch Caps
  • Stepped-Lip Design Mimics Factory Steel Wheel
  • Hidden ARP Fasteners with Heli Coil Inserts
  • Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum Center
  • Heat-Treated Rim Shells
  • Generous Brake Clearance Accommodates Big Brake Packages
  • Customizable Fitment and Finish Options
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