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Harrop is pleased to offer a Flex Fuel kit to suit your N/A or supercharged Toyota 86/BRZ for those owners who want to take their vehicle to the next step. 

What's your ethanol percentage?
The ethanol content of E85 fuel can vary from 60% to 92% ethanol. A fill up with E85 can drastically change the mix of fuel in your vehicle. For performance drivers determining actual ethanol content of E85 is essential to maximising an engine tune and horsepower.

Why know your ethanol percentage?
E85 has the equivalent octane rating of 105 or higher octane fuel. Higher octane fuel is more resistant to knock allowing for more aggressive ignition timing, higher compression and increased engine power over gasoline itself.

What are the sizes of the flex fuel sensor inflow and outflow lines?
Zeitronix Flow Through Flex Fuel Sensor both tubes are 0.37" and 0.5" at the flange.

The usual mounting location for the sensor is the return fuel line. Make sure the sensor is filled completely with fuel. A professional installation by a shop familiar with your vehicle and it's fuel system is required. Always check for fuel leaks!

The Zeitronix Ethanol Content Analyser helps you get the most out of your engine and fuel.

  • Two 0-5 V analogue outputs: Ethanol % and Fuel Temperature for use with ECUs, data logging and engine management systems.
  • Connecting harness to Zeitronix Flow Through FLEX Fuel Sensor is included. Harness length is 2.4m
  • ECA-2 dimensions: 76mm x 50mm x 25mm
  • Sensor Dimensions : 154 x 75 x 37 mm
  • Sensor Tube Dimensions: 9mm Outside Diameter
  • ECA-2 Analogue Outputs


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