L76 - L77, L98 - LS3 & LS7 Rollmaster Single Row Timing Chain

Product Code: 65-RM-CS1190

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PRICE: $292.01

Roll master has grown in coverage and availability, they have continually upgraded material, machinery, and processes to stay ahead of the curve on quality and provide accurate timing sets. Since 1980, offset bushing are pretty much a thing of the past, and the manufacturers of those adjustable upper gears are now all racing to produce billet sets with nine key ways, but none can match the accuracy of Roll master.

  • Single Roller
  • Premium quality German manufactured IWIS timing chain
  • 3SR60-2 chain, seamless rollers
  • Torrington Bearing
  • L76, L77, L98, LS3, LS7 equipped vehicles with aftermarket (3 bolt camshaft)
  • Three (3) bolt cam gear, one trigger sensor
  • Billet sprockets
  • 9 keyway crank sprocket: 0, advance 2,4,6,8 degrees, retard 2,4,6,8 degrees
  • Includes cam & crank sprocket, chain, bearing & oil pump drive

Applications: L76, L77, L98, LS3 equipped vehicles with aftermarket (3 bolt camshaft) & LS7 


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