Valve Spring Set PAC1219

Product Code: 65-PAC1219

Availability: 2-3 Days

PRICE: $319.00

The PAC1219 valve spring is the perfect standard replacement part which can handle higher lift applications.

This Ovate Beehive spring is designed to handle the increased loads, rates and frequencies of more aggressive camshafts. It's reduced top diameter allows for a reduction in retainer mass and the beehive shape allows for a more even stress distribution across the spring. These features combine to provide a variable frequency spring that capable of performing at a higher RPM than traditional springs.

The PAC1219 remains a drop in spring for stock parts but will handle increased lifts.

Engine Applications: GM LS Series V8

Note: Set includes 16 valve springs


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Mass67 g / 2.363 oz
Large End I.D.22.479 mm / 0.885"
Large End O.D.30.658 mm / 1.207"
Install Load61.235 kg / 135 lb
Install Height45.720 mm / 1.800"
Open Load157.850 kg / 348 lb
Open Height29.845 mm / 1.175"
Bound Height27.940 mm / 1.100"
Maximum Lift15.875 mm / 0.625"
Frequency Base520.967 Hz / 31258 cpm




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