8PK Pulley Upgrade Kit

Product Code: 99-PKD1XXXTXA1PXBXGX

PRICE: $1,650.00

If you are looking to get more power from your HTV supercharger then have a look at our 8 PK pulley upgrade kits.

These kits reduce the potential for belt slippage on higher horsepower applications and allow you to get more from your existing supercharger unit.

There are a wide variety of combinations available depending on your specific requirements and vehicle setup, with a number of driven and drive sizes available.

Please contact us at Harrop HQ to discuss you specific needs.

8 PK Pulley Upgrade Kit includes

  • Harmonic balancer: Available sizes include standard, 5% Overdrive (VT-VZ) or 10% OD (VT-VZ & VE)
  • Power steering pump pulley
  • Supercharger pulley: Available sizes include 85mm , 80 mm & 75mm OD 
  • Alternator pulley
  • Dynamic tensioner pulley
  • Lower flat Idler Pulley
  • 8PK Belt to suit


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