HTV1320 LSJ Supercharger

Product Code: 99-ASCH9464-00

PRICE: $3,795.00

The Harrop HTV (Harrop Twin Vortices) supercharger system is a Roots-type supercharger manufactured utilising the latest Eaton TVS ™ rotating assembly.

Built specifically for GM's 2.0lt LSJ engines as a direct bolt on replacement for the Eaton M62 unit, It increases the Volumetric flow from 1.0 to 1.3 lt. per revolution which results in increases in both torque and power.

The Harrop HTV supercharger's design features patented four-lobe rotors with high-flow inlet and outlet ports that greatly enhance thermal efficiency, delivering higher volumetric capacity, and enable higher operating speeds. The HTV supercharger is capable of running with a high efficiency across a very wide operating range. The four-lobe rotors feature 160-degree twists, the higher helix angle of the rotors coupled with redesigned inlet and outlet ports, improve the HTV's air-handling characteristics without increasing the overall size of the unit.

The new Harrop HTV sets a new standard of supercharger performance and reaffirms Harrop and Eaton's leadership in the performance automotive market.

Key Features

  • Greater volumetric efficiency enables the rotating group to flow more air per revolution
  • larger intake area which creates less turbulence and allows more air into the rotor ports
  • Superior design creates less heat which equates to greater power levels
  • High-Flow inlet and outlet ports that greatly enhance overall efficiency
  • Less parasitic loss which takes less power to drive
  • Quiet operation with a stealth appearance
  • Thermal efficiency that exceeds 70%
  • A 2.4 pressure ratio capability
  • 1320 cc/rev - 80 ci/rev

Vehicle Applications:

  • Chevrolet Cobalt SS, 2004 - 2007
  • Saturn Ion Redline, 2004 - 2007


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Note: While this unit is designed as a direct bolt on replacement the vehicle will require ECU re-calibration to ensure engine performance and efficiency. 




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