Product Code: CF205

The ultra-lightweight Carbon+Forged CF205 wheel combines a weight-optimized CNC-machined forged aluminium centre with our revolutionary proprietary carbon fibre barrel to deliver the ultimate in technological advancement, exclusive styling, and unparalleled performance. The CF205 takes advantage of its carbon fibre barrel with a lightweight racing-inspired ten-spoke forged aluminium centre design, open-lug hub centre, and aggressive I-beam machining details to yield a wheel with absolutely impressive performance metrics: very low static mass, very low rotational inertia, minimal deflection, and excellent fatigue strength! 

The CF205’s super-lightweight carbon fiber barrel utilizes a high-density carbon fiber bundle, high-clarity resin system, and large carbon weave to create an attractive and visually distinctive rim that is 42% lighter than its aluminum equivalent, delivering a significant weight reduction to the wheel's outer perimeter, where it has the greatest reduction in unwanted inertia and yields real-world improvements 
in acceleration, braking, cornering traction, ride quality, NVH (noise, vibration, & harshness), driver/passenger comfort, and fuel economy. 

Forgeline Carbon+Forged carbon 
fibre barrels are also engineered and tested to deliver industry-leading levels of fatigue strength, impact/damage resistance, and deflection stiffness. Tested by an independent automotive industry laboratory, they have proven to be incredibly strong and robust, exceeding all existing SAE and TUV test specifications and surpassing the AK-LH 08 Radial Impact Test standard.

The CF205 is available in 20 and 21-inch fitments, each uniquely engineered for modern exotic sport and luxury vehicle applications. And like any Forgeline wheel, the CF205’s forged 
aluminium centre is available in the full array of customizable finish options. (Note: The Carbon+Forged carbon fibre barrel preserves the standard high-gloss natural carbon weave finish.)

If you appreciate the world's most advanced wheel technology, want to stand apart from the crowd with unique styling & finish options, and have the means to afford the very finest, then our made-to-order Carbon+Forged CF205 wheel is quite literally created just for you.

  • Lightweight Racing-Inspired Ten Spoke 6061-T6 Forged Aluminum Center
  • Open Lug Hub Center
  • Aggressive I-Beam Machining Details
  • Revolutionary Proprietary Carbon Fiber Barrel
  • Very Low Static Mass (the 20x9 weighs only 16.5 lbs!)
  • Very Low Rotational Inertia
  • Minimal Deflection
  • Excellent Fatigue Strength
  • Carbon+Forged Carbon Fiber Barrel Exceeds All Existing SAE and TUV Test Specifications
  • Carbon+Forged Carbon Fiber Barrel Surpasses the AK-LH 08 Radial Impact Test Standard
  • Intended for Street Use. Not Recommended for Track Applications.
  • Available in 20 and 21-inch Fitments
  • Customizable Finish Options (Aluminum Center Only)
  • Carbon+Forged Carbon Fiber Barrel Finished in High-Gloss Natural Carbon Weave
  • Legendary Forgeline Quality and Customer Service


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