Forgeline GS1R Skinny

Product Code: GS1R Skinny

    Similar to the original road racing version of the GS1R, the new “Skinny” version of the one piece forged monoblock GS1R is precision-machined from a single forging of proprietary 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. But unlike the original road racing version, the “Skinny” has been re-engineered to be optimized for drag racing applications. This includes not only the narrower width (which necessitates a unique narrow forging), but a full set of revised performance metrics to make the GS1R “Skinny” as lightweight as possible.

    In addition to the “Skinny” GS1R’s size and weight advantages, it also retains the exceptional brake clearance of the original GS1R. Which means that recreational straight line racers can maintain the giant front brake kits that came with their sports cars, which allows unprecedented flexibility for a wide range of motorsport endeavors.

    Like all Forgeline wheels, the new one piece forged monoblock GS1R “Skinny” is custom made-to-order for each individual customer and each unique vehicle application. So they can be made for most vehicle applications and are available with fully customizable finish options.

    • One-Piece Monoblock Design
    • Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • I-Beamed Spoke Technology
    • Optimized for Straight Line Racing Applications
    • Extremely Lightweight
    • Very Generous Brake Clearance
    • Custom Made-to-Order for Each Individual Customer and Each Unique Vehicle Application
    • Customizable Finish Options
    • Legendary Forgeline Quality and Customer Service






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