While the factory S65 V8 found in the BMW E9X M3 is a brilliant production engine it inherently lacks low down torque and the outright power of some of its category competitors. This was the basis for Harrop to develop a system that achieves the gains in both torque and power to unleash the potential of the high revving V8. The new level of world class innovation has been achieved through the development of a world first positive displacement supercharger kit for the S65 that features unique bypass actuation control, high efficiency intercooler system technology and OE appearance and operation.

Engineered and manufactured proudly in Australia, Harrop conducted all testing and validation during product development on their own E92 M3. Calibration partners BPM Sport contributed to fine tuning driveability. Our TVS1740 Supercharger Kit has been installed globally and is recognised by customers for its superior vehicle integration and approach to total performance.

  • Designed specifically for BMW M3 E9X
  • Eaton / Harrop FDFI TVS1740
  • World first positive displacement supercharger for S65 engine
  • Front Drive / Front Inlet design for shorter less restrictive path
  • Latest intercooler system technology
  • Unique bypass actuation control
  • OE appearance an doperation
  • Designed & Manufactured by Harrop
  • Bolt-On Installation

Retail and trade workshop enquiries and orders can be placed by emailing: sales@harrop.com.au

If you are interested in a drive-in drive-out installation including custom calibration at Harrop Performance Centre please email: performancecentre@harrop.com.au