by Harrop Engineering

Posted on 25th March 2015 at 10:15am

On March 10th – 13th 2015, Harrop Engineering attended APAC 18 – Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference as a part of the Festival of Automotive Events. APAC 18 was run in collaboration with the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix, with the conference theme dedicated to “Meeting Regional Challenges with Global Technology”. As a state Government initiative, the conference provided an opportunity for Harrop Engineering to promote to the industry our extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities, and reinforces the benefits and quality of Australian made products.

Heath Moore, General Manager of Harrop Engineering felt APAC was, “A valuable platform to showcase Harrop ingenuity and manufacturing capabilities amongst local and international automotive industry stakeholders, we were proud to promote our rich 60 year heritage and world class engineering capability at a world class event ”.

APAC also delivered an array of technical sessions across the 3 days, including sessions on F1 Technologies, Emissions and Air Quality, Hybrid and Electric Powertrain and Future Vehicle Technologies. We showcased our design and precision engineering skills through the display of our supercharger, intake and traction control systems, and we continue to openly support opportunities like APAC, where the Australian Automotive Suppliers Industry is able to present their technical expertise and product development to the global industry.

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