Brake Pad | Front | Monobloc

Product Code: 99-PAD10756

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PRICE: $398.20

The front replacement brake pad for Harrop Monobloc Brake Kits, and are a modified Bendix unit.

These pads are sold as a set (4 pads)

Front Brake Pad Suits:

  • Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit VE-VF
  • Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit BA-FG

Pad Thickness: 18 mm 

Please note that the installation of aftermarket braking components may cause additional brake noises from your vehicle, which can be a characteristic trade off when fitting a performance brake system or components. Whilst this noise typically originates from the braking components, many external factors like driving application, conditions, and vehicle components such as suspension and chassis can amplify these brake noises. Whilst every effort is made to mitigate and reduce brake noise to the lowest level possible, any additional noise is classed as acceptable and does not substantiate a product fault.


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