Brake Upgrade | Front | Ford Ranger

Product Code: 99-KC84R101B146

PRICE: $3,080.00

Designed and manufactured in Australia, our new Ford Ranger Front Brake Upgrade delivers substantial increases in braking performance. Consisting of one-piece 36mm non-directional rotors with drill point pattern and 6 Piston Ultimate Calipers, the Harrop Front Brake Upgrade offers superior heat dissipation and resistance to brake fade when compared to OE fitted brakes.

Drawing on lessons learned over the years developing and manufacturing high-performance and racing components. the front rotors also feature a new multi-vane internal pattern, placing these new kits on the leading edge of braking technology.

Our new Front Brake Upgrade delivers a 20% increase in braking performance and 15% shorter stopping distances compared to the OE fitted system with its larger, more sophisticated rotor design and powerful caliper and pad combination. This makes for the perfect braking solution for Ford Rangers with modified ECU and other performance upgrades as well as vehicles used to tow a caravan, camper or boat.

Key Features:

·        One-piece heavy-duty 356mm diameter rotors / 36mm thickness

·        Rotors feature new multi vane internal pattern

·        Upgraded stainless braided brake lines suitable up to 3" lift

·        Aluminium brackets to suit standard caliper mounting position

·        Bolt-on installation

·        Reduced stopping distance

·        Dacromet coated rotors for corrosion protection

·        Increased resistance to brake fade

·        Increased selection of Brake Pad Options

Vehicle Applications:
2016+ Ford PX Ranger and Ford Ranger Raptor 

Please note that the installation of aftermarket braking components may cause additional brake noises from your vehicle, which can be a characteristic trade-off when fitting a performance brake system or components. Whilst this noise typically originates from the braking components, many external factors like driving application, conditions, and vehicle components such as suspension and chassis can amplify these brake noises. Whilst every effort is made to mitigate and reduce brake noise to the lowest level possible, any additional noise is classed as acceptable and does not substantiate a product fault.


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  • Calipers only available in red
  • Will not suit factory wheels - Brake sweep available for fitment check
  • Installation of performance braking components may cause the brakes during application to emit noise or ‘brake squeal’ at times, subject to both environmental and vehicle conditions. This noise is associated with the increased performance and friction of the upgraded brake system and in most cases is considered normal. 



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