TVS2300 | Holden 5.0L V8

Product Code: 99-EK-A13351-HOLD5L

PRICE: $11,220.00

The Harrop TVS2300 Supercharger Kit offers the latest in supercharger technology for the Holden 5.0L V8 Engine with EFI heads. The front drive / front inlet design allows for a shorter less restrictive intake path allowing for improved airflow and superior performance with an integrated Supercharger Bypass System to relieve boost under light load conditions. The Supercharger Manifold features a high-density water to air intercooler system, with a 36mm thick intercooler brick. 

TVS2300 Supercharger Kit for Holden '5.0' V8 engines includes:

  • Supercharger Intake Manifold including charge-air intercooler, MAP sensor (Late model LS3 style) and Fuel Rails
  • Harrop TVS2300 FDFI Supercharger with Straight or LH inlet cover orientation available
  • 8PK FEAD Idler Bracket including automatic tensioner, Crank Pulley, Alternator Pulley, Water-pump Pulley and Supercharger Drive Belt
  • Retains all factory ancillaries including A/C, Power Steering, Distributor, Heater, Thermostat, Coolant Temp Sensors etc

Available options include:

  • Front-mount Intercooler Radiator, Electric Intercooler Pump and Coolant Reservoir
  • Cable Throttle Body Bracket and Screws
  • Injectors

As shown in the video below, 700-800HP is achievable with a 355ci engine, results will vary with engine specification and calibration.


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  • Note: Images are for illustration purposes only and is subject to engineering revisions during production.

  • Supercharger kit has been developed as a standalone engine kit
  • Supercharger pulley's are based on late model (VT Commodore) FEAD offset and dimension. 
  • Further variations may be required to correctly install kit. Please enquire within for further detail.
  • Aftermarket 4-bolt Cable Throttle body with factory TPS installed on straight inlet cover will require modification to clear supercharger snout.



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