Supercharger Repair

Product Code: Supercharger_Repair

If you think you may have an issue with your supercharger assembly the first step is to click on the "Enquire Now" button above to contact one of our friendly sales staff to discuss your issues.

We are able to offer supercharger servicing on Harrop Supercharger products and some select Eaton supercharger systems at our Harrop HQ in Preston, Victoria.

Whether a major or minor rebuild is required the first step is to contact our sales team and to organise a time for the Supercharger to be inspected, we charge a minimum inspection fee of $396 Including GST (+ freight) which covers the labour to disassemble and thoroughly inspect the Supercharger. This step is fundamental as it will allow our team to provide an accurate quote for the repairs and/or replacement of damaged components which enable you to make the right decision on the job. Please be aware that the inspection fee is the minimum cost to assess a head unit only. We charge an hourly rate for repair work and dependent on the condition and type of unit returned this may vary the inspection fee, and our sales staff will give you an accurate estimate once the unit arrives at Harrop HQ.

 If you have already decided that you need to return your supercharger for repairs or maintenance, please follow the points below to ensure the safe transport of your precious cargo to and from Harrop HQ;

  • Ensure all fuel system components are removed from the supercharger / manifold assembly including injectors, rails and / or any fuel lines. There must be no flammable fluid transported!!!
  • Adequate and sturdy packaging is required, we have seen many a supercharger damaged during transport as a result of poor packaging. Please ask us about our Harrop Supercharger transport cases.
  • Contact us before returning your supercharger to Harrop HQ so we know it is coming.
  • Make sure that you have properly labelled your shipment so we know who it has come from.
  • You will need to get an RMA (Returned Material Authority) from one of our sales staff members prior to shipping the supercharger back to us.
  • You are responsible for all freight costs to and from Harrop HQ and please ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage during shipping in the event that damage does occur during transport.
  • Please be aware that if you have an older supercharger IE (LS112/HH112/HH122) that some parts are no longer available. As a result, there is a chance that the unit may not be able to be serviced or repaired. Further to this due to the age and potential condition of these units any repair/service that is completed by Harrop will be done at the owners risk and no warranty can be offered for these older supercharger units. 
  • Any newer series supercharger HTV/FDFI will come with a 30-day warranty that applies to the repair/service or hard parts used (does not include consumable parts).

Once the supercharger arrives it is inspected and a quoted for repair, a report is also completed which we will send to you. All repairs are completed on this quotation basis as it is unknown what repairs may be required before a technician is able to look over it. If going ahead with the repair the $396 inc GST inspection fee is rolled into the repair so this fee is not on top of the repair. If you decide against repairing it we can return it to you in a disassembled state where the inspection fee + freight fees are required to be paid before shipping back. Be aware in order to inspect a supercharger and formulate a quote it will need to be taken apart, once it has been taken apart it will not be able to be put back together unless the quote has been accepted and payment received. 

Please download the Supercharger repair form in the products download tab below, this needs to be filled and sent back with the supercharger unit. 


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