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The Harrop Ford Mustang GT Engine Oil Cooler Kit is supplied with a 32mm thick, multi-pass Setrab Oil Cooler core used on high-end track cars globally, This is mated to a Harrop designed high flow adaptor block that mounts in the OEM cooler position, the adaptor plate features a thermatic valve that begins to open at 70 deg and is fully open at 80 deg C. 

Our Oil Cooler Kit was designed to be a robust solution, entirely removing the factory water to oil system that has a risk of failure and potential to cause engine damage without warning. The oil cooler is mounted flat in front of the radiator just above the undertray, receiving cool air from the lower air intake and forms part of the ram air pressure zone. This location is optimal to prevent hot air off the Oil Cooler decreasing the efficiencies of the Supercharger front mount Intercooler if fitted, AC Condenser and Radiator.

The Harrop Ford Mustang GT Engine Oil Cooler is highly efficient and race proven to keep engine oil temperatures low under high load for either street or track work. 

Harrop Engine Oil Cooler Kit Contains:

  • Setrab Proline Engine Oil Cooler Core (660mm x 124mm x 32mm)
  • Mounting Brackets (4)
  • Oil Cooler Adaptor Block
  • High-quality AN10 Speedflow Hoses and fittings
  • Increase total oil system volume by approximately 800ml
  • Direct installation supplied with all hardware required to fit the kit

Vehicle Applications: 2015-2019 RHD Ford Mustang GT (Naturally Aspirated or Supercharged)


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