Toyota took a new leap forward in the international tuner scene with the development of yet another classic, affordable, drivers car.  The FT86 is every drivers dream platform. Even in standard guise this future classic is a terrific car to drive, coming into its own on mountain or canyon roads, helped along with its rev happy 2.0L Flat Four configured engine, with a slick 6 speed manual transmission driving the rear wheels it is a very capable weekend warrior.

Wide spread activity in the automotive aftermarket has seen tuning companies develop every conceivable product for the classic FR platform configuration, naturally Harrop as a leader in engineering performance joined the party with a range of high quality performance components and build another quality example of “Function = Form” motoring.


Posted on 6th April 2016 at 11:04am

Opting for the basic GT spec, soon after delivery we set about executing the enhancement journey within Harrop Performance Centre at HQ.

The Engineering Team assessed our 86 for forced induction with our legendary supercharger systems and grip and braking upgrades with our Ultimate Brake Kit and Forgeline Forged Monobloc Wheels with significantly more tyre footprint compared to the stock Prius issue rubber supplied from the factory.


Posted on 6th April 2016 at 11:06am

With our Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit manufactured and ready for fitment, our team set out to deliver an epic day of transformation to our GT86.

A Suspension package from KW was fitted keeping the Harrop 86 balanced and pushing the chassis through the corners with assistance from Whiteline sway bars and bush kit, the steering and handling department is tight as a drum. Our Ultimate Brake package was next to go on with 370mm Rotors clamped up by a 6 piston front callipers and a 355mm rotor with 4 piston calipers in the rear,followed by a set of Transparent Red 18x10”Forgeline GS1R wheels wrapped in Toyo R88 Rubber.

To finish off phase 1 of the build, a Harrop Iron Gusseted diff cover was fitted, increasing oil capacity and lowering oil temp in the diff housing,important as we planned to often see the 86 on track.


Posted on 6th April 2016 at 11:07am

Months of tireless work from our engineers saw the prototype TVS1320 Supercharger Kit fitted to our 86 for in-depth testing and validation. The Harrop TVS1320 Positive Displacement Supercharger kit with integrated Water to Air inter-coolers provides a breathtaking upgrade to an already focused driver platform.  Boosting the engines performance from around 115kw at the hubs (DynaPack Hub Dyne) to a lofty 182kw on standard fuel pump gives the driver the punch this little car deserves.

We are extremely proud of the TVS1320 Supercharger Kit which passed IM240 drive cycle emission's test, and therefore now has certification for both manual and automatic transmission variants. This achievement represents our commitment to technical excellence in automotive performance in both design & manufacturing.


Posted on 6th April 2016 at 11:07am

With the installation, chassis dyne development and track testing of our new supercharger kit for the 86/BRZ complete we entered the second key phase of our development program to explore the performance limitations of our supercharger with a FA20 motor.

On the search for more power, the engine was pulled down and fitted with a 2.1l HKS Stroker Kit, and a new fuel system designed to cope with the demands to support high volumes of E85 on track.  This has proven to be a great upgrade, now making over 280kw at the hubs, it’s a huge improvement over the standard configuration. 

We didn’t stop here, with WTAC in our sights we were ready to turn our FT86 into a track weapon, also  fitting  ACE Tuned Length Headers and HKS Exhaust System to help the whole Package breathe and combined with the MoTeC SDL3 Dash and Data logging system to keep a close eye on how the whole system is working together and provide plenty of information to the engineers as needed.

Our friends at Topstage Composites also came to the party with a functional yet subtle aero kit made from carbon fibre for the 86 that really accentuates its “ready to track” stance. The final modification in Phase II of the build, was the installation of a Harrop custom built bolt-in six point roll cage, packaged  with VELO harness and bespoke embroidery GPT Seats, protecting the pilot and keeping them firmly secured allowing all attention to be focused on the job at hand.


Posted on 6th April 2016 at 11:09am

With all work completed, it was time to head to Sydney Motorsport Park for WTAC 15’ and hit the track to see what our Harrop enhanced 86 was capable of in the Club Sprint Class, an opportunity to evaluate the upgrades and develop the chassis set-up on the fast flowing track.

On the search for that ‘one perfect lap’ our best time was a 1.47.41 with Forgeline President David Schardt behind the wheel also getting accustomed to shifting gears with his left hand in the RHD Australian spec chassis. Overall we placed 15th in class, behind a list of heavily modified and developed Evo ’s, WRX’s and Civics, pleased with the progress of the car and the challenges Dave faced having never driven the car or track prior to the event.

A couple of weeks later Dave and 86 backed up for our inaugural Harrop Ultimate Street Car Invitational…

There’s always room for improvement and with any performance car the build never finishes!