Research and development programs for the global LS range of GM V8 engines in 2011 included a project build using our Holden VE SS (Pontiac G8 in the USA) that became a favourite with our diverse mix of followers.


Posted on 27th March 2017 at 3:06pm

With the plan to enter the car in the Hot Tuner Challenge the team fitted our Harrop Ultimate Brake Kit which were the first ever orange calipers produced along with braided stainless brake lines to help cope with the track driving that would follow. We also installed Pedders Sports Ryder Coilovers along with Pedders 26mm Front Sway Bar and 22mm Rear Sway Bar which dramatically stiffened the ride, providing improved dynamics on a smooth race track without comprising daily Melbourne street use.


Posted on 27th March 2017 at 3:06pm

While forced induction runs in the veins of the team at Harrop HQ, it wasn’t part of the direction of this project. With upcoming release of the next generation Harrop Hurricane Intake Manifold for LS3 and LS7 heads, the team took the opportunity to do some road and track testing with the VE.

First step was swapping out the factory L98 for the top shelf hand assembled GM Performance LS7 as found in the HSV W427. The larger, stronger Hurricane Intake sat perfectly on top of the VE’s newly swapped 7.0L V8, with extensive chassis dyno testing, the big cube NA motor was pushing over 500rwhp onto the road and over 650ft-lb of torque, thanks to an aggressive LPE camshaft upgrade (243/259, 0.691/0.702, 112o) that the individual throttle bodies could handle at low rpm and maximise at redline.

Other powertrain upgrades complimenting the Hurricane equipped LS7 included the Harrop 3” Stainless Steel Exhaust System featuring 1-7/8 4-1 headers, Harrop Engine Oil Cooler, Adrad Performance Radiator, Harrop Short Shifter and Harrop Truetrac Differential to help get all that power to the ground consistently.


Posted on 27th March 2017 at 3:06pm

Some major visual modifications were also made to the exterior that included a partial custom matte black vinyl wrap with orange accents matching the Harrop Ultimate Brake Calipers tucked behind ultra-strong and light Forgeline GA3R forged 3-piece wheels. The built to order Forgeline GA3R wheels enables the perfect offset in 19x9.5” 265/35 front and 19x10.5” 305/30 rear Michelin Pilot Sport Cups.